Powerful words.

Impact by design.

Clear, understandable and relevant — those are the words we live by.

Writing, editing, design, motion. We have the capacity to deal with any complex subject matter that needs to be transformed into clear, engaging, accessible language through compelling narratives and visualizations tailored to specific audiences. Our team understands which approaches work and those that don’t depending on who you are trying to reach, how, and when. 

We combine plain language principles, creativity, and exceptional project management to develop comprehensive reports, detailed plans, guidelines, briefings, technical documents, presentations, infographics, marketing and lobbying assets, digital/social media content, success stories, animated videos, and countless other solutions — we have done them all. Our designers integrate cutting edge techniques and data visualization elements to capture the attention and meet the expectations of today’s visually demanding audiences.

With over 2000 communication projects completed for over 500 clients, you can also be confident in knowing that all of NIVA’s outputs are subject to rigorous quality control to ensure the best possible outcomes.

Strategic communications.

Smarter tactics.

Engage, inform, influence, motivate. Strategic communications can be thought of as any communication activities with an agenda — efforts designed to support the defined goals and objectives of an organization.

NIVA is well-versed is helping organizations meet these desired outcomes through communication strategy development, planning, and implementation. We develop key messages, narratives, visual assets, social media content, and other tactics that will ensure success and devise a detailed road map to make it happen.

Through this process we commit to:

  • becoming fully aware of the background/context of behind your initiative and genuine understanding of the needs/motivations of your target audiences. Ensuring a common understanding of goals, objectives, challenges
  • reviewing your existing communication materials to determine their effectiveness and conducting a robust assessment of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT)
  • carrying out in-depth research and information collection including interviews, workshops, and other collaborative knowledge sharing activities
  • creating customized tools and performance measurements that are flexible and adaptable

We are your trusted communications partners determined to use our 40 years of experience and insights to bring you the results you need.


True document architecture.

Professional standards.

We have mastered the process of reformulating raw text and other information into truly engaging printed documents and digital content ready for any type of publication and distribution that you require. To enhance the quality and impact of your materials,  we will:

  • determine how audiences will best access this content, and plan the composition to carefully balance the text, graphics,  documentation standards, banding, and any other requirements as mandated
  • ensure that all communication products are formatted with logical and appealing layouts and functionality
  • apply a consistent, professional look-and-feel to all associated documentation

At NIVA, we pride ourselves in using a high degree of creativity and modern design aesthetics to ensure that your documents achieve their purposes and that your messages are meaningful to your audience and well-understood. If you need documents that are truly ready for prime time, we are the team to call.

Facilitating change.

Empowering communicators.

Meaningful change doesn't happen by itself. It takes commitment, participation, inclusion of ideas from many perspectives from the start, and a clear two-way communication channel between those doing the changing and those who are impacted. 

NIVA has decades of experience with stakeholder engagement, consultations, and meeting facilitation. Helping to ensure all necessary voices are heard and recorded, and that key decisions have their best chance to reflect the needs of the people who may not always have a seat at the table. This includes outreach and engagement with Canada's Indigenous communities.

We also design and deliver customized communications training workshops focused on plain language and science communication. Our focus is giving your team the capacity to share knowledge in an understandable way and make sure everyone is on the same page.

Critical knowledge.


Our expertise is also focused on helping you convert raw knowledge into action through high-impact messaging for end-users, decision-makers, or the general public. Knowledge mobilization is the catalyst for converting things like research findings, new discoveries, and technology breakthroughs, into effective communications that will motivate users of this information to change their behaviour or take supportive action.  At NIVA, we are well-equipped to:

  • help science and technology communities leverage their knowledge exchange process
  • facilitate discussion and broker knowledge transfer between subject matter experts and decision-makers
  • leverage your expertise while developing high-impact messaging that will deliver results
  • guide development of strategies that involve  elements such as funding proposals, symposium preparation, roadmaps, and stakeholder communications

One of our greatest value propositions is being able to listen and learn. We offer what we know but, more importantly, focus our outputs on what you know. Our primary role is to broker the exchange of information and ideas to support the evolution of new knowledge into a narrative that can be communicated and understood.