Communication Products

While NIVA specializes in science, technical, and risk communication, we are unsurpassed in our ability to deal with any complex subject-matter that needs to be transformed into clear, engaging, accessible language through compelling narratives and visualizations tailored to specific audiences.

We combine plain language principles, design creativity, and a proven process to create and edit reports, plans, guidelines, summaries, briefings, technical documents, infographics, web content, success stories, product/sector overviews, and many others.  When completing your project, NIVA will:

  • perform background research, identify gaps, and seek out missing information
  • utilize existing material if possible by expanding, adapting, and editing or creating new content when desired
  • consult with our clients to establish communication objectives and identify primary and secondary audiences
  • customize content to suit the medium through which it will be disseminated, including print, web, social media, or e-book

You can be confident in knowing that all of NIVA’s outputs are subject to the most robust editorial and design quality control process.

Document Design and Publication

We have mastered the process of reformulating raw text and other information into truly engaging printed documents and digital content ready for any type of publication and distribution that you require. To enhance the quality and impact of your materials,  NIVA will:

  • supplement our writing and editing services with the integration of superb graphic design and data visualization to capture the attention and meet the expectations of today’s visually demanding audiences.
  • determine how audiences will best access  this content, and plan the composition to carefully balance the text, graphics,  documentation standards, banding, and any other requirements as mandated
  • ensure that all communication products have logical and appealing layouts and functionality
  • apply a consistent, professional look-and-feel to all associated documentation

At NIVA, we pride ourselves in using a high degree of creativity and modern design aesthetics to ensure that your documents achieve their purposes and that your messages are meaningful to your audience and well-understood.

Planning, Facilitation, and Training

NIVA’s seasoned approach  enables us to effectively analyze your needs, and manage any size and scope of project. We commit to:

  • becoming fully aware of the the context underlying your initiative
  • reviewing and assessing any of your existing communication materials for their effectiveness
  • carrying out through background research and information collection including the facilitation of interviews, stakeholder workshops, and other collaborative knowledge sharing activities
  • meeting with project resources to ensure a common understanding of project goals, objectives, challenges, and risks and designing plans that include desired outcomes, milestones, deliverables, and mitigation strategies.
  • delivering fun and effective plain language training courses that will give you and your staff the tools and insight to deliver better internal and external communications

Based on our analysis and planning work, we deliver a summary of how we will complete the project prior to start-up. Our plans provide a strategic roadmaps for moving forward, and come equipped with tactics for monitoring and evaluation.

Knowledge Mobilization

Our expertise is also focused on helping you convert raw knowledge into action through high-impact messaging for end-users, decision-makers, or the general public. Knowledge mobilization is the catalyst for converting things like research findings, new discoveries, and technology breakthroughs, into effective communications that will motivate users of this information to change their behaviour or take supportive action.  At NIVA, we are well-equipped to:

  • help science and technology communities leverage their knowledge exchange process
  • facilitate discussion and broker knowledge transfer between subject matter experts and decision-makers
  • leverage your expertise while developing high-impact messaging that will deliver results
  • guide development of strategies that involve  elements such as funding proposals, symposium preparation, roadmaps, and stakeholder communications

One of NIVA’s greatest value propositions is being able to listen and learn. We offer what we know but, more importantly, focus our outputs on what you know. Our primary role is to broker the exchange of information and ideas to support the evolution of new knowledge into a narrative that can be communicated and understood by your audience.