What we do.

NIVA is a communication firm based in Ottawa, Canada. We enable organizations to communicate better so they can solve problems, achieve goals, and mobilize knowledge into action.

How we do it.

We identify gaps and weaknesses, make improvements, and deploy solutions. We transform complex subject matter into powerful content that’s clear, understandable, and relevant. We build agile communication strategies that respond to the distinct needs of these audiences and get results.

Our team offers a comprehensive suite of customized services including:

  • Specialized expertise in scientific, technical, change, and risk communication
  • Research, writing, editing, proofreading, formatting, layout, and publishing
  • Graphic design, illustration, data visualization, social media, and video
  • Strategy development, change management, planning, and training
  • Stakeholder engagement, consultations, facilitation, and marketing

Who we serve.

More than 500 clients in over 125 leading public, not for profit, NGO, and private sector organizations have trusted NIVA to address their challenging communication support needs. We have completed over 2000 projects dealing with a wide array of complex subject matter. Some of these areas include:

  • Public health and life sciences
  • Emergency management, preparedness and disaster response
  • Environmental protection, conservation and climate change
  • Ocean and marine science
  • Defence and security, aviation, and aerospace
  • Natural resources, energy and transportation
  • Nuclear power and radiation safety
  • Genomics, food safety and animal health
  • Earth observation and space exploration
  • International trade
  • Advanced technology and industrial innovation
  • Internal communications and change management
  • Corporate documentation and reporting
  • Indigenous affairs

Our Team

NIVA is powered by an experienced team of communications strategists, writers, editors, visual designers, and project managers who can quickly immerse themselves into any subject-matter discipline as required. An impressive pool of writing, editing, design, facilitation, and web content associates compliments our significant in-house capacity. This gives us the flexibility to quickly scale up for larger projects and adapt to evolving client needs.