Who we are.

NIVA is a communications firm based in Ottawa, Canada.  If you have documents to publish, messages to deliver, stories to tell, or decisions to influence, we can help you communicate effectively with both internal and external audiences — policy makers, regulators, stakeholders, shareholders, executives, employees, donors, media, or the public. We also have the capacity to provide customized solutions for communicating scientific, technical, and risk-related subject matter.


What we do.

We transform complex information into powerful content that’s clear, understandable, and relevant. We build agile communication strategies that identify and respond to diverse audience needs and get results.

Our team offers a comprehensive suite of services including:

  • Specialized expertise in strategic, scientific, technical, and risk communications
  • Research, writing, editing, layout, and formatting
  • Graphic design, illustration, data visualization, and video 
  • Planning, reporting, marketing, and digital/social media development
  • Stakeholder engagement, consultations, facilitation, and training

Who we serve.

Over 120 leading public sector, NGO/associations, and private industry clients, in Canada and internationally, have trusted NIVA with addressing their challenging communications needs. We have completed over 1200 projects covering a wide array of sectors and subject matter. Some of these ares include:

  • Public health and safety
  • Emergency management, preparedness, and disaster response
  • Environmental protection and conservation
  • Indigenous affairs
  • Defence and security
  • Life sciences
  • Ocean and marine science
  • Natural resources, energy, and transportation
  • Earth observation and space exploration
  • Advanced technology and industrial innovation
  • Bioeconomy and clean technologies
  • Internal communications and change management

Our Team

NIVA is powered by an experienced team of communications strategists, writers, editors, visual designers, and project managers who can quickly immerse themselves into any subject-matter discipline as required. An impressive pool of writing, editing, design, facilitation, and web content associates compliments our significant in-house capacity. This gives us the flexibility to quickly scale up for larger projects and adapt to evolving client needs.