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NIVA is a specialized communications firm based in Ottawa, Canada.  If you have documents to publish, messages to deliver, stories to tell, or decisions to influence, we help you communicate effectively with both internal and external audiences — policy makers, regulators, stakeholders, shareholders, executives, employees, donors, media, or the public.

We transform complex subject matter into powerful content that’s clear, understandable, and relevant. We build agile communication strategies that respond to the distinct needs of target audiences and get results. Our team provides a comprehensive suite of services including:

  • Proven expertise in strategic, scientific, technical, and risk communications
  • Research, analysis, writing, editing, formatting, and publishing
  • Graphic design, illustration, data visualization, social media, and video
  • Consulting, strategy development, planning, and training
  • Stakeholder engagement, consultations, facilitation, and marketing

Smarter communication strategies that work. Deeper insight that takes you further.

With several options to choose from, you may be wondering what makes our communications firm so different? This a fair question. The answer: in the space that we operate, our breadth and depth of experience, client base, and track record is unmatched.

Over 40 years of dedication to communications excellence has allowed us to hone robust best practices into the art of combining clear messages, compelling narratives, and high-impact visual content. NIVA delivers outcomes that most organizations simply cannot achieve on their own.

Don’t just share your knowledge. Mobilize it.

To influence decision making and motivate audiences, raw data and descriptive information needs to be put in a form that will actually bring it into active use. Our deep insight enables us to recognize and respond to the diverse needs of various target audiences so they can use this knowledge to take action.

We incorporate plain language communication strategies with creative visualizations to ensure that these audiences can understand complex subjects, without compromising the factual or technical integrity of the information. Our solutions will help you put everyone on the same page.

You expect quality, creativity, responsiveness and flexibility. We deliver it.

At NIVA, our commitment to getting it right the first time is relentless. Our professional team is dedicated to ongoing client engagement and rapid integration of feedback throughout the entire project life cycle, from initial contact to final product.

An impressive pool of writing, editing, design, facilitation, and web content associates compliments our significant in-house capacity. This gives us the ability to quickly scale up for larger projects and adapt to evolving client needs.