Scientific and Technical Communications

Strategic Communications

Emergency/Risk Communications

Research | Writing

Edit | Format | Publish

Communication Strategies and Planning

Knowledge Mobilization

Document Architecture

Plain Language Revision

Graphic Design

Data Visualization


Social Media Content

Meeting and Workshop Facilitation

Stakeholder Consultation

Project Management

Communications Training

You have a complex story to tell. We help make it clear, understandable, and relevant.

NIVA specializes in scientific, technical, strategic, and emergency/risk communications. We synthesize complex information and transform it into powerful communication products that engage, inform, and motivate target audiences.

We help clients communicate effectively with policy makers, regulators, stakeholders, investors, media, and the public. Our full suite of services includes:

  • Research, writing, editing, formatting, and publishing
  • Document architecture, graphic design, illustration, and data visualization
  • Internal and external communications planning, strategy development, and training
  • Corporate reporting, marketing/branding, and social media content
  • Stakeholder engagement, consultations, and workshop facilitation

Communicating complex subject matter isn’t easy. We help you navigate the right messages to the right people.

Whether you need to mobilize knowledge from discovery to decision making, research to regulation, or from the boardroom to buyers – our breadth and depth of experience is second to none.

We convert complex information into clear messages, compelling narratives, and high-impact visual content that bring tremendous value to your team and enables results you couldn’t otherwise achieve.

You have important information to share. Our experience, insight, and tools will help you connect with your audience.

Leveraging the knowledge of subject-matter experts is key to building powerful communication strategies. Our deep insight enables us to recognize and respond to the diverse needs of various target audiences.

We use plain language strategies and creative visualizations to ensure that these audiences can understand complex subjects,without compromising the factual or technical integrity of the information.

You expect quality, responsiveness, and flexibility. We deliver it.

At NIVA, a commitment to excellence and getting it right are not optional. Our team is dedicated to ongoing client engagement and rapid integration of feedback throughout the entire process, from initial contact to final product.

A long list of additional writing, editing, design, facilitation, and web content associates, gives us the flexibility to quickly scale up to larger projects and adapt to evolving client needs.