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Knowledge Mobilization

Document Architecture

Communication Strategies

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Data Visualization

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You have a complex message. We help you make it clear, simple, and relevant.

For almost 40 years, NIVA Inc. has been Canada’s leading consultancy specializing in science, technical, and risk communication. No other company is better equipped to transform complex information into compelling narratives, convert raw knowledge into action, and deliver high-impact plain language messaging tailored to specific audiences. Our full suite of services includes:

  • Researching, writing, editing, and publishing
  • Document architecture, data visualization, and graphic design
  • Communication planning, stakeholder facilitation, and training
  • Knowledge mobilization – from discovery to decision making

Communicating complex subjects effectively isn’t easy. We help you navigate the right message to the right people.

Our breadth and depth of experience is second to none.  We have managed over 1000 projects, won numerous awards, and have been responsible for writing, editing, and designing more than 10,000 hard copy and digital documents.

You have an important story to share. We use plain language and creativity to help you engage, inform, and motivate your audience.

Establishing an effective rapport with subject-matter experts and understanding audience needs is the key to building powerful communication strategies and impactful documents. NIVA is powered by a multidisciplinary team that can quickly take on any discipline.

You expect quality, responsiveness, and flexibility. We deliver it.

At NIVA, excellence and getting it right are not optional. Our team is dedicated to ongoing client engagement and rapid integration of feedback throughout the entire process, from initial contact to final product.