Our Approach

Time-tested and designed for performance.

NIVA’s projects are carried out according to best practices honed over 40 years of successful application. We utilize a comprehensive framework which includes four key phases along the project continuum where we offer a variety of services:

Analyze & Plan

  • Strategic communications planning
  • Needs analysis
  • Research Consultation with subject matter specialists
  • One-on-one interviews
  • Group facilitation

Organize & Design

  • Project Management
  • Content organization
  • Website design
  • Graphic design
  • Standards development
  • Templates
  • Style guides

Write & Edit

  • Policies and procedures
  • Regulations
  • Standards and guidelines
  • Research reports
  • Standards development
  • Success stories
  • Web content

Publish & Promote

  • Editorial quality assurance
  • Website validation
  • Focus testing
  • Marketing collateral
  • Launch strategies
  • Promotion plans

Project Management

Outcomes that exceed your expectations.

NIVA brings precision and discipline to project management for initiatives of all types and sizes that focuses on:

  • combining expert project management skills with industry standard tools when developing project charters, coordinating meetings, building stakeholder consensus, and coordinating project resources
  • enabling superior outcomes for projects involving varied project participants, audiences, external consultants, jurisdictions, and global partners
  • ensuring that project participants stay on track, that duplication is avoided, and that timelines and budgets are met
  • coordinating the launch of new initiatives, programs, and calls for proposals
  • consulting with stakeholders from multiple sectors and jurisdictions to create a common vision
  • utilizing our wealth of experience and best practices to improve project efficiency and quality

A system that works.

Whether we are performing only one service, or a combination of many, our Ten-Point Project Management Checklist guarantees a high-quality product that is completed on-time and on-budget:

1. Project Planning

2. Consultation/Facilitation

3. Document Design

4. Research

5. Content Validation

6. Writing and Editing

7. Collaborative Review

8. Graphics/Visual Enhancement

9. Localization

10. Quality Assurance