Regionally housed Ecosystems and Oceans Science Sector Web Content Review: Spring 2015

Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) required its regionally housed Ecosystems and Oceans Science Sector (EOSS) web content to be reviewed to determine how to best integrate regionally based content with centrally held content and functionality, and to enable it to provide continued easy-to-access service to regional users during the transition to the Government of Canada’s single-portal “” website.

The results of NIVA’s work ensured that EOSS was more readily able to identify areas online where its current web footprint could be reduced. We also assisted in the migration of the regional content to into the National Capital Region domain. In addition, we prepared the EOSS information architecture (IA) and structure to be an early adopter of the Web Experience Toolkit 4.0 in the next phase of the DFO re-launch and implementation and key topics on