Research, Writing and Editing

The ability to expertly research, write, and edit communication vehicles targeted to the needs of specific audiences is NIVA’s core business. We combine audience focus, editorial precision, design creativity, and respect for process to produce vehicles such as annual reports, website content, success stories, product/sector descriptions, and event proceedings and collateral. We

  • work with existing material—expanding, adapting, and editing—or create new content;
  • consult with our clients to establish communication objectives and identify primary and secondary audiences;
  • perform background research, identify gaps, and seek out missing information;
  • supplement our writing and editing services with graphic design to support the text with strong visuals; and
  • customize content to suit the medium through which it will be disseminated, including the web.

Each of NIVA’s communication products are subject to thorough editorial and design quality control.

For examples of projects, visit our portfolio. See what our clients have to say in testimonials.