Project Management

NIVA brings precision and discipline to the project management process for initiatives of all types and sizes. We

  • combine expert project management skills with industry standard tools, including DocuManage®, which supports our project managers when developing project charters, coordinating meetings, building stakeholder consensus, and coordinating project resources;
  • manage projects involving varied project participants, external consultants, different jurisdictions, and global partners.
  • ensure that project participants stay on track, that duplication is avoided, and that timelines and budgets are met;
  • coordinate the launch of new initiatives, programs, and calls for proposals;
  • consult with stakeholders from multiple sectors and jurisdictions to create a common vision; and
  • utilize our wealth of experience and best practices to improve project efficiency and quality.

NIVA’s clients benefit from lessons learned through 30-plus years of operation, and from the knowledge and best practices we bring to each new project experience.
For examples of projects, visit our portfolio. See what our clients have to say in testimonials.