Document Design and Web Development

The process of turning content into documents or websites requires indepth understanding of target audience needs and the options available for publishing and distribution. The decisions made along the way are complex and many, requiring experts skilled in document and web design. We

  • determine how audiences will best access content, and plan the composition of text and graphics with branding needs and standards requirements carefully balanced.
  • ensure that the distribution medium is determined early in the process to simplify and expedite later tasks;
  • ensure that websites have intuitive navigation schemes and naming conventions, and employ consistent layout and functionality techniques.
  • determine which standards—whether hard-copy based corporate identity requirements or web-based look-and-feel guidelines—must be applied.
  • incorporate creativity into the process of publishing content, to ensure the message is powerful and accessible.

NIVA has fully equipped graphic design and web development units to ensure our project managers and writers are supported by a full-service capability that benefits our clients.