Strategic Communications Planning

Through NIVA’s preparation of a communications strategy for the Information Technology Services Directorate, we were able to overcome many of our communications challenges and build improved relationships with our clients.
           —Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission

Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging Communications Strategy

The Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging is a national long-term study that follows approximately 50,000 Canadian men and women between the ages of 45 and 85. It collects information on the changing biological, medical, psychological, social, and economic aspects of people's lives. It is one of the most comprehensive studies of its kind ever undertaken. NIVA developed a five-year communications strategy for the Study, and coordinated the efforts of other consultants to develop public relations, media, and knowledge management plans.

GS1 Canada

Communications Strategy and Business Plan

Communications Strategy and Business PlanIn 2005, the Electronic Commerce Council of Canada became a member of GS1, the world’s largest e-commerce standards organization. NIVA developed the communications strategy that provided a strategic roadmap for the Council to effectively launch its new name (GS1 Canada) and affiliation with a global network of 100 member countries. We developed a business plan, white papers, an annual report, and a website. We also developed presentations aimed at renewed government funding.



Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Science Branch

Strategic Communications Plan

The Agency’s Science Branch was created in May 2003 as the focal point for scientific leadership. However, five years later, the science capacity of the Branch and its function as the foundation for program design and regulatory decision-making was still unrecognized. NIVA was contracted to develop a communications strategy that would contribute to understanding and support among the Branch’s stakeholders and collaborators. After a review of documentation and extensive interviews with Agency staff, we developed a two-year communications plan that included 54 timed activities, recommended resource allocations, and performance measurement criteria.

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National Research Council

Strategic Positioning Initiative

NIVA was retained to assist in developing the National Research Council Canada’s new S&T positioning, based on “solving tomorrow’s problems today.” The project links the impacts of NRC’s S&T activities to issues that matter most to Canadians (safe drinking water, air pollution, fast food, genetically modified food, climate change, etc.) by working closely with NRC senior managers to identify and develop a focused set of 30 project success stories that will form the basis for a variety of future communication vehicles including new and traditional media, web site, and other outreach products.

Health Canada, Communicable Disease Control Division

Communications Strategy

The Division is primarily concerned with issues surrounding tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, and vaccine-preventable diseases in First Nations and Inuit communities. NIVA was tasked with developing a communications strategy to establish a comprehensive and coherent approach to exchanging information about communicable diseases in these communities. We consulted with departmental representatives to gain a clear understanding of target audiences and opportunities for increasing awareness. The resulting strategy proposed an integrated set of vehicles and included a short-term implementation plan.

OC Transpo and Société de transport de l'Outaouais

Transit-Secure Communications Strategy

NIVA produced a communications strategy to provide OC Transpo and Société de transport de l’Outaouais, the two transit authorities in the National Capital Region, with a blueprint for coordinated communication tactics. This strategy focused on encouraging the public to play a role in protecting the system from terrorism. The strategy was funded by Transport Canada’s passenger rail and urban transit security contribution program, Transit-Secure. We interviewed staff and stakeholders, researched similar strategies, wrote a situational analysis, and produced bilingual versions of the strategy.

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Environment Canada

Aboriginal Consultation Strategy with Supporting Communications Plan

NIVA developed a comprehensive consultation strategy to assist Environment Canada in conducting consultations with Aboriginal peoples on the proposed Canadian Environmental Protection Act, Part 9 regulations on storage tank systems on federal and Aboriginal lands. Environment Canada subsequently adopted the strategy as the departmental model for consultation with Aboriginal groups. To support the pilot consultation, we also developed a comprehensive communications strategy.

Defence Research and Development Canada, Centre for Security Science

Communications Plan

The Centre for Security Science was created in 2006 to manage two independent science and technology development programs—the Public Security Technical Program (PSTP) and the Chemical, Biological, Radiological-Nuclear (CBRN) Research and Technology Initiative (CRTI). NIVA provided the Centre with expert assistance in producing a strategy for developing a unique market position along with a plan for promoting its programs both nationally and internationally.

Transportation Safety Board of Canada

Swissair Flight 111 Communications Strategy

The communications campaign surrounding the release of the Swissair Flight 111 Investigation Report was one of the most complex and sensitive for the federal government. This effort required NIVA to work with the investigation team and to manage the documentation process, develop the accompanying web repository, and plan the strategic communications in support of the release of the final report.

Courts Administration Services

Public Service Modernization Act Implementation Communications Plan

The Courts Administration Service submitted a business case for funding under the Public Service Modernization Act Strategic Investment Framework to launch a project designed to align with modernization initiatives being rolled out throughout the federal government. NIVA developed a communications plan that lays out specific tactics to overcome an information overload while getting key messages across to managers and staff. The communications plan provides an operational roadmap for meeting the objectives of the project.