Marketing Communications

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The report was exceptionally well done from the written content to the final layout of the report. NIVA did a great job of conveying highly technical materials to a broad range of audiences.
           —Natural Resources Canada

OC Transpo

Visual Design Standards

Visual Design StandardsNIVA worked with the Customer and Information Department to compile a series of visual design standards pertaining to external communications such as timetables, information posters, bus panels, promotional items, fact sheets and brochures, vehicles, and clothing. The resulting guide provided corporate identity requirements and guidelines for design in all categories of internal and external communications. The guide also included specification sheets for the various types of communications, detailing colours, fonts, and dimensions.



Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency

Marketing Communications Strategy and Collateral

NIVA developed a marketing communications strategy for the newly formed Agency, and recommended a series of campaigns to support branding, government relations, community outreach, and public awareness. We supported implementation of the strategy by designing and writing an information brochure and presentation deck.

Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency

Nearshoring Industry in Atlantic Canada Brochure

NIVA worked with the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA) to produce a brochure on the competitive advantages of the nearshoring industry in Atlantic Canada and the successes of a variety of companies who chose Atlantic Canada for their nearshore operations. 

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Forest Products Association of Canada

Biopathways II Executive Summaries

NIVA developed a series of executive summaries, based on comprehensive research reports associated with the Biopathways II initiative. Summaries were written on such diverse topics as the future of the Canadian forest industry, carbon footprints, and the value proposition for cross-laminated timber.

Natural Resources Canada

GeoConnections Annual Report

NIVA produced the GeoConnections annual report for two successive years, highlighting activities and impacts for 2008-09 and 2009-10. The report includes summaries of activities in four program areas, and the results from a user survey that we implemented and analyzed. We also developed a series of success stories for the reports, describing global information systems applications in the areas of public safety and security, public health, environmental and sustainable development, and matters of importance to Aboriginal people.

Public Prosecution Service of Canada

Annual Report

Annual ReportNIVA was contracted to produce the first annual report for the Service, which is a federal government organization created in December 2006 to assume the role of the Department of Justice Federal Prosecution Service. We wrote and designed the report and coordinated its printing.







Natural Resources Canada

Success Stories in Energy Technology Commercialization

NIVA worked with researchers and subject-matter experts to write a series of articles on technologies that have been successfully implemented for industry and community-based requirements. The articles were written according to the tone and style of Scientific American.

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Defence Research and Development Canada, Centre for Security Science

Communication Materials

NIVA developed a wide range of communication materials for the Centre. Our work included researching and writing fact sheets and success stories, developing annual and summary reports, designing and writing materials for an annual symposium, and developing guides for funded projects.

Career Profiles of Federal Government Scientists

NIVA developed career profiles of federal government scientists to demonstrate the benefits and variety of choices available for those considering a career in science in government. We conducted interviews and wrote career profiles of government scientists working in aerodynamics, astrophysics, biological sciences, and medical diagnostics.

Western Economic Diversification Canada

Trade and Investment Brochure and Fact Sheets

Trade and Investment Brochure and Fact SheetsNIVA developed marketing materials to support promotion of trade and investment in Canada’s four western provinces. NIVA researched, wrote, designed, and coordinated production of both hard copy and online versions of a brochure and six fact sheets. We also prepared a Chinese version for trade missions to that country.





Environment Canada

Communications Materials to Support Aboriginal Consultation Strategy

NIVA developed a strategy for consulting with Aboriginal peoples on revised regulations under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act. Our work involved preparation of a communications strategy and the creation of various materials, including invitation letters, a Q&A document, presentations, and a consultation toolkit.

Health Canada

PE Generics Communication Strategies and Materials

The PE Generics Project was designed to develop generic work descriptions and competency profiles for the federal PE community, the principal classification in human resources. It was headed by a steering committee and involved consultation with a senior management advisory panel representing many departments. NIVA was retained to develop a communications strategy, fact sheets, website content, questions and answers, and various presentation decks for audiences ranging from HR practitioners to central agency executives.

Organizational Readiness Office (PWGSC)

CS Generics Implementation

Organizational Readiness Office (PWGSC)The Organizational Readiness Office required NIVA’s assistance in developing a long-term strategy to distribute generic HR tools and documentation as part of its IT Community HR Framework. NIVA designed and wrote a variety of communication vehicles, including fact sheets, questions and answers, and a generic presentation deck. We also developed the design, structure, and content for the intranet site.