Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Science Branch

Research Highlights

To effectively communicate the role of science in the Agency’s work to a wide audience, NIVA assisted the Science Branch in developing a document highlighting research activities. Written and designed by NIVA, the report highlights specific research projects in food safety, animal health, and plant protection, and relates them to the Agency’s business lines and corporate goals.

Environment Canada

Aboriginal Consultation Strategy with Supporting Communications Plan

NIVA developed a comprehensive consultation strategy to assist Environment Canada in conducting consultations with Aboriginal peoples on the proposed Canadian Environmental Protection Act, Part 9 regulations on storage tank systems on federal and Aboriginal lands. Environment Canada subsequently adopted the strategy as the departmental model for consultation with Aboriginal groups. To support the pilot consultation, we also developed a comprehensive communications strategy.

Environment Canada

Communication Materials to Support Aboriginal Consultation Strategy

NIVA developed a strategy for consulting with Aboriginal peoples on revised regulations under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act. Our work involved preparation of a communications strategy and the creation of various materials, including invitation letters, a Q&A document, presentation decks, and a consultation toolkit.

Federal S&T Community Secretariat

Map of Outcomes and Activities

Map of Outcomes and ActivitiesThe Secretariat requested NIVA's assistance to develop a plain-language version of the Federal S&T Map of Outcomes and Activities, which outlines how Canada's federal S&T departments and agencies are working together to develop solutions to national challenges. NIVA also developed the Oceans Science Case Study, a comprehensive report of Canada's federal ocean science activities across the environment, energy, health, economy, security, and defence domains.

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Natural Resources Canada

GeoConnections Annual Report

NIVA produced the GeoConnections annual report for two successive years, highlighting activities and impacts for 2008-09 and 2009-10. The report includes summaries of activities in four program areas, and the results from a user survey that we implemented and analyzed. We also developed a series of success stories for the reports, describing global information systems applications in the areas of public safety and security, public health, environmental and sustainable development, and matters of importance to Aboriginal people.

Natural Resources Canada, Technology and Innovation R&D Initiative

Summary Report

To highlight the contributions of climate change researchers in helping Canada demonstrate the impact of S&T investment to Canadians, NIVA developed a summary report. This initiative included nine funding programs and targeted five technology areas: cleaner fossil fuels; advanced end-use efficiency; decentralized energy production; biotechnology; and the hydrogen economy.

Privy Council Office

Smart Regulation Communications Support

NIVA provided communications planning and writing and editing services in support of the federal Smart Regulation initiative to renew Canada's regulatory system. We developed a communications strategy, tactical communications plan, and various vehicles, including a Report on Actions and Plans, a press release, speech modules, and a Q&A document.