Emergency Preparedness and Response

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Canadian Air Transport Security Authority

Emergency Preparedness Plan

NIVA reorganized and substantively edited this plan, reproduced charts in a consistent style, and produced checklists outlining executive and functional area responsibilities. We also produced a credit-card-sized Quick Reference with essential information for staff to use when responding to an emergency.

Canadian Air Transport Security Authority

Operational Plans

Operational PlansNIVA organized and edited over 70 plans to describe site operations and provide contingency arrangements, emergency procedures, reporting requirements, hours of operation, and other critical operational information needed by airport stakeholders.





Canadian Food Inspection Agency

Animal Health Functional Plan

Outbreaks of serious foreign animal diseases could cost Canada’s livestock industry billions of dollars. NIVA worked with the Agency to develop this overarching emergency response plan to address how the CFIA will prepare for and respond to animal health incidents, and it is meant to be used in conjunction with hazard-specific plans focusing on a particular type of animal health threat. We also assisted with development of the first of a series of hazard-specific plans, namely the Notifiable Avian Influenza Hazard Specific Plan.

Canadian Food Inspection Agency

Animal Health Plans

NIVA substantively edited the Animal Health Functional Plan and the Notifiable Avian Influenza Hazard Specific Plan. These plans outline the emergency procedures for Agency staff during an animal disease outbreak.

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Canadian Security Intelligence Service

Internet Site

NIVA conducted an analysis of the site and, based on our recommendations, redesigned the site according to federal CLF 2.0 requirements. We also developed a new information structure, substantively edited existing content, and wrote new text. The project was carried out in three stages: project planning and web design (including new templates); development of new content; and development of web standards for site maintenance purposes.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada

Pandemic Influenza Operational Readiness Plan

NIVA wrote this plan to describe how Citizenship and Immigration Canada will prepare for, respond to, and recover from the operational impact of an influenza pandemic. The plan is closely aligned with influenza planning efforts conducted by the Public Health Agency of Canada and Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada.

Communications Security Establishment

Internet Site

To address major CLF 2.0 compliancy issues, the Internet site needed major redesign. We implemented a new information structure, populated the site with new content, developed and implemented new web templates, and validated HTML markup to ensure a higher level of compliancy with CLF 2.0 requirements.

Emergency Management Ontario

Guidelines for Community Emergency Information Centres

When Emergency Management Ontario introduced a new model for emergency information management, they contracted NIVA to develop guidelines to assist designated nuclear communities manage the dissemination of information in the case of a nuclear emergency. After completing extensive research and developing initial draft guidelines, stakeholders in each community (municipal communication representatives, fire and safety officials, and nuclear operators) were consulted for feedback through facilitated sessions.

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Federal S&T Community Secretariat

Map of Outcomes and Activities

The Secretariat requested NIVA's assistance to develop a plain-language version of the Federal S&T Map of Outcomes and Activities, which outlines how Canada's federal S&T departments and agencies are working together to develop solutions to national challenges. NIVA also developed the Oceans Science Case Study, a comprehensive report of Canada's federal ocean science activities across the environment, energy, health, economy, security, and defence domains.

Health Canada and Public Health Agency of Canada

Chemical Emergency Response Policy and Response Plan

The Joint Emergency Preparedness Committee Sub-committee on Chemical Emergencies is responsible for strengthening public health preparedness and response capacity for chemical emergencies across Health Canada and the Public Health Agency of Canada. To establish the mandate, authorities, and responsibilities for chemical emergencies, NIVA wrote a Chemical Emergency Preparedness Policy. To develop the policy, we conducted a thorough review of emergency-related acts, policies, plans, and other relevant documents. We consulted with sub-committee members and other Departmental/Agency representatives with responsibility for chemical emergencies, including regional offices. The joint departmental policy outlines roles and responsibilities for preparing for and responding to emergencies caused by either accidental or deliberate sources. Working closely with the Committee Sub-committee, we also developed a plan that describes the steps required for the two organizations to respond to chemical emergencies.

Health Canada

Federal Nuclear Emergency Plan

NIVA was contracted to update an emergency procedures manual for those who play a response role in the plan. We conducted an assessment that generated recommendations on how to improve the manual’s organization, its relationship to other strategic and tactical documents, and its overall quality as an instructional reference tool.

Health Canada, Centre for Emergency Preparedness and Response

National Smallpox Contingency Plan

National Smallpox Contingency PlanNIVA converted Health Canada’s National Smallpox Contingency Plan to online format, providing first responders with immediate access to critical information to respond to a potential outbreak of smallpox. The resulting website was Health Canada’s first online emergency response plan.



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Health Canada, Health Products and Food Branch

Emergency Preparedness and Business Continuity Plans

Through comprehensive consultation and research, NIVA analyzed the Branch’s response capacity and EP/BCP roles and responsibilities, developed a plan for emergency response, and determined internal training requirements.

Health Canada, Nuclear Emergency Preparedness and Response Division

Coordination and Operations Group Emergency Procedures Manual

NIVA transformed an out-of-date manual for the Division that coordinates implementation of the Federal Nuclear Emergency Plan into an effective emergency response tool.

Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services

Guidelines for Community Emergency Information Centres

When Emergency Management Ontario introduced a new model for emergency information management, they contracted NIVA to develop guidelines to assist designated nuclear communities in managing the dissemination of emergency information. We conducted a document review and wrote an initial draft of the guidelines for consultation with the stakeholders. We then facilitated the consultation process and incorporated stakeholder feedback into the final document.

Natural Resources Canada

GeoConnections Annual Report

GeoConnections Annual ReportNIVA produced the GeoConnections annual report for two successive years, highlighting activities and impacts for 2008-09 and 2009-10. The report includes summaries of activities in four program areas, and the results from a user survey that we implemented and analyzed. We also developed a series of success stories for the reports, describing global information systems applications in the areas of public safety and security, public health, environmental and sustainable development, and matters of importance to Aboriginal people.

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Natural Resources Canada, Security, Safety and Emergency Management Branch

Radiation Emergency Preparedness Manual

NIVA was contracted by the Branch to provide editorial assistance on the Radiation Safety Manual and to prepare the manual for online publication on the Department's security intranet site. The 125-page manual became Natural Resource Canada's official version, used by four science sectors who access it from their intranet site.

Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care

Pandemic Influenza Fact Sheets

NIVA researched and wrote a series of 25 fact sheets on pandemic influenza. These fact sheets were written to prepare health care providers, families, schools, businesses, First Nations communities, and the general public for a potential influenza outbreak.

Privy Council Office

Smart Regulation Communications Support

NIVA provided communications planning and writing and editing services in support of the federal Smart Regulation initiative to renew Canada's regulatory system. We developed a communications strategy, tactical communications plan, and various vehicles, including a Report on Actions and Plans, a press release, speech modules, and a Q&A document.

Public Health Agency of Canada, Human Resources Directorate

Health Emergency Response Plan

The Directorate turned to NIVA to develop a response plan, clearly outlining how it would provide support to the Agency's priority business operations in the event of an emergency. Through interviews with selected personnel and analysis of existing planning documents, NIVA developed a comprehensive plan with a structured response approach to managing emergency situations. The plan addresses a variety of threats and incidents (small to large), defines roles and responsibilities, and provides simulation exercises for testing and training purposes.

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Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Canadian Firearms Centre

Canadian Firearms Manual

NIVA created the Canadian Firearms Manual as a comprehensive resource for law enforcement and judicial personnel. It contains over 3,400 files and 8,300 links. Winner of Award of Excellence, Society for Technical Communication.

Transport Canada, Civil Aviation

National Civil Air Transportation System Shutdown Plan

National Civil Air Transportation System Shutdown PlanNIVA edited the contributions of six subject-matter experts to create a unified National Civil Air Transportation System Shutdown Plan. This plan is used when there is an emergency requiring restrictions on all or part of the national air space.