Who we are.

We are Canada’s leading firm specializing in strategic, scientific, technical, and emergency/risk communication. For the past 40 years, NIVA has provided a full suite of communications solutions that enable clients involved with complex subject matter to engage, inform, and motivate their target audiences. No other company is better equipped to transform raw knowledge into audience-centric plain language messaging, compelling narratives, and high-impact visual content.

What we do.

We excel at leveraging the insights of subject-matter experts and understanding audience needs. We use plain language strategies to ensure that those audiences can understand complex topics without ever compromising the factual or technical integrity of the information. We are committed to excellence and have an unparalleled ability to deliver:

  • Powerful and engaging communication products on complex subjects
  • Exceptional capacity for research, writing, editing, and publishing
  • Cutting-edge document architecture, data visualization, and graphic design
  • Knowledge mobilization (including knowledge brokering, translation, transfer, and exchange)
  • Comprehensive stakeholder consultation and facilitation (internal and external)
  • Results-driven plain language/science communication training

Who we serve.

Over 100 leading public sector, not-for-profit, and private industry clients in Canada and internationally have trusted NIVA with their challenging communication needs. We have completed over 1200 projects covering a wide array of subject matter including:

  • Public heath and safety
  • Emergency management, preparedness, and disaster response
  • Environmental protection and conservation
  • Defence and security
  • Life sciences
  • Ocean and marine science
  • Natural resources, energy, and transportation
  • Earth observation and space exploration
  • Advanced technology and engineering
  • Bioeconomy and clean technology
  • Corporate documents, marketing and branding


Our Team

NIVA is powered by a multidisciplinary team of seasoned consultants, project managers, communication specialists, writers, and visual designers, who can quickly immerse themselves into any discipline as required.