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NIVA’s analysis report responded to our requirements and provided a clear road map of the work that needed to be done to ensure the success of this important initiative.
           —Canadian Security Intelligence Service

Canadian Security Intelligence Service

Internet Site

NIVA conducted an analysis of the site and, based on our recommendations, redesigned the site according to federal CLF 2.0 requirements. We also developed a new information structure, substantively edited existing content, and wrote new text. The project was carried out in three stages: project planning and web design (including new templates); development of new content; and development of web standards for site maintenance purposes.

Communications Security Establishment

Internet Site

To address major CLF 2.0 compliancy issues, the Internet site needed major redesign. We implemented a new information structure, populated the site with new content, developed and implemented new web templates, and validated HTML markup to ensure a higher level of compliancy with CLF 2.0 requirements.

Department of Justice Canada

YCJA Explained, Internet Site

NIVA created this site to assist in the implementation of the new Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA). The site provides flow charts, explanatory text, and checklists on all aspects of the Act and guides the justice system in decision-making.

Defence Research and Development Canada

Centre for Security Science

Centre for Security ScienceNIVA developed the Centre’s website, which includes two sub-sites for funded programs. The project involved researching and writing top-level pages, and substantively editing the content from the foundational sites. The new site, which is compliant with CLF 2.0 standards, promotes the benefits of the Centre as a facilitator of science and technology research.



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Department of Justice Canada

HR and You

HR and You was a trend-setting site that supported Justice Canada’s virtual human resources initiative. NIVA structured the site using a portal approach, allowing users to access information through three different user experiences—employees, managers, and HR professionals. The site was adopted as the model federal HR site by the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat.

Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Canadian Hydrographic Service

CHS Online Information Library

NIVA designed and developed an online library that assists marine cartographers in the task of producing electronic navigation charts. The site was the first of its kind globally and contains over 10,000 hyperlinks to more than 5,000 pages and graphic images. NIVA also developed a process by which site authors can easily update files via the Internet.

NIVA provided a professional team whose work was of extremely high quality. The result is a website with a sophisticated design and an intuitive navigation system to the information on the site.
           —Health Canada

Health Canada, Centre for Emergency Preparedness and Response

National Smallpox Contingency Plan

National Smallpox Contingency PlanNIVA converted Health Canada’s National Smallpox Contingency Plan to online format, providing first responders with immediate access to critical information to respond to a potential outbreak of smallpox. The resulting website was Health Canada’s first online emergency response plan.




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Health Canada, Therapeutic Products Directorate

Progressive Licensing Project Website

The Directorate embarked on a major initiative to develop a drug regulatory system for the future. NIVA was contracted to develop a website to communicate the initiative to industry and the public, and solicit feedback from site visitors. We worked with Health Canada staff to edit and shape a large volume of text, produce flowcharts and a description of the process, and develop interactive questionnaires to gather feedback. The material was also used for training purposes.

Health Canada, Marketed Health Products Directorate

Information Repository for Selective COX-2 Inhibitor Drugs

The COX-2 family of drugs, used to treat arthritis, was withdrawn because of side effects. To enable Health Canada to provide public access to information about this issue, NIVA developed a bilingual website with an information architecture that enabled self-guided access to the data.

Health Canada

Canada’s Access to Medicines Regime Website

Canada’s Access to Medicines Regime WebsiteThe Access to Medicines Regime was introduced to facilitate timely access to less expensive versions of patented pharmaceutical products that are urgently needed to fight diseases such as AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis in developing countries. Through research, consultation, web design, and content organization, NIVA developed an online information package targeted to eligible importing countries and pharmaceutical companies.



Transportation Safety Board of Canada

Swissair Flight 111 Investigation Report

As part of our work to provide communications support for the Swissair Flight 111 accident investigation, NIVA developed an Internet site to view the final report and supporting technical information. The website provided multiple points of access and included multimedia files such as burn test videos. Winner of Award of Excellence, Society for Technical Communication.

Public Prosecution Service of Canada

HR Intranet and Internet Sites

Public Prosecution Service of CanadaNIVA developed the PPSC’s HR Intranet. Our work involved research, consultation, and review of new and revised content, and the facilitation of meetings to develop new procedures pertinent to the Service. We also developed the recruitment page for the PPSC Internet, ensuring that the unique aspects of working for the Service were effectively conveyed.

NIVA designed and implemented a nation-wide recruitment campaign—Expand Your Horizons in The Land of The Midnight Sun. The series of advertisements were published in major newspapers and legal journals across Canada and were targeted toward attracting lawyers to work in the north.

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Canadian Food Inspection Agency

HR Site

NIVA conducted extensive consultation and developed a strategy aimed at improving the Agency’s HR intranet site. NIVA wrote the content to respond to the needs of three target audiences: employees, managers, and HR professionals.

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Executive Gateway

Based on the success of the Managers’ Staffing Portal developed by our firm, NIVA was asked to develop a web portal that would provide HR information targeted to executives. The project helped to address the Public Service renewal objective of managing and developing talent at the executive level.

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Manager’s Staffing Portal

NIVA revised and updated staffing models, policies, and tools to enable employees, managers, and HR professionals to understand the new Public Service Employment Act. Given the requirement to publish useful information quickly, NIVA proposed a portal approach that focused on the needs of managers. We facilitated development of procedures for various staffing actions, and edited 10 appointment-related policies on topics such as area of selection, employment equity, informal discussion, notification, and assessment.

Department of Justice Canada

HR and You

Department of Justice CanadaNIVA originally developed HR and You in 2000. It was the first HR site in the federal government with separate portals for managers, employees, and HR professionals, and became the Treasury Board model for federal government HR sites. Years later, NIVA made recommendations to enhance the site and meet CLF 2.0 requirements.