Technical Communications

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NIVA succeeded in meeting all deadlines and delivering 70 professionally edited and formatted documents.
           —Canadian Air Transport Security Authority

Canadian Air Transport Security Authority

Operational Plans and Standard Operating Procedures Manual

Standard Operating Procedures ManualNIVA organized and edited over 70 plans to describe site operations and provide contingency arrangements, emergency procedures, reporting requirements, hours of operation, and other critical operational information needed by airport stakeholders.

NIVA assisted in the development of Standard Operating Procedures. This large-scale project involved substantively editing the existing text, standardizing graphic images, incorporating review comments, translating text and images into French, formatting both language versions, and proofreading and indexing the final versions.

CMC Microsystems

Technical Writing

CMC Microsystems engaged NIVA for a variety of technical writing services. NIVA edited and provided quality assurance on the release documents that accompany design kits and computer-aided design materials. We also provided technical writing assistance on user guides, tutorials, and online knowledge articles.

Trytel/Telecom Ottawa

User Connection Guide and Packaging Materials

User Connection Guide and Packaging MaterialsTelecom Ottawa contracted NIVA to develop a bilingual, full-colour fold-out user instruction sheet for its new DSL broadband Internet connection service. NIVA also developed a 30-page step-by-step user guide, a wrapper for the product kit, a CD label, and a user information label sheet.





FileMaker 7 Developer’s Guide

NIVA produced the Developer’s Guide for a major new release of FileMaker, a popular database product. We produced the printable version of the guide in FrameMaker and online help files to be incorporated into the software. With our client based in California, a virtual private network enabled us to follow FileMaker’s entire document development process remotely.

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Health Canada, Radiation Protection Bureau

Environmental Radioactivity in Canada

Health Canada’s Radiation Surveillance Division collects radiation data from all over Canada and communicates that data to stakeholders through Environmental Radioactivity in Canada (ERIC). The Division contracted NIVA to produce an ERIC report covering data from 1996 to 2009. NIVA developed a design and structure for the report, consulted with subject-matter experts, and performed research to provide context. Along with the formatted final report, we produced four fact sheets that presented key finding of the report in an easily digested format. The report and the fact sheets were all written as close to plain English as possible.

NAV Canada

Aeronautical Information Publication

Aeronautical  Information PublicationNIVA edited and completely redesigned AIP (Aeronautical Information Publication) Canada to satisfy the requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization for a state aeronautics information publication. The five parts of this technical publication are distributed to the international aviation community in bookmarked and hyperlinked PDF files on CD through subscription and on NAV Canada’s website.




Health Canada, Office of Information Management Technology

Training Guide and Quick Reference Guide

NIVA wrote user documentation for a viewing tool designed to display drug applications in extensible markup language (XML) according to the electronic common technical document (eCTD) standard developed by an international harmonization committee. We explored the tool’s functionality in order to prepare documentation intended for training and reference.

MIST Mobility Integrated Systems Technology

Wind-supported Aerial Delivery System Maintenance Procedures

NIVA delivered a set of maintenance procedures for the SnowGoose unmanned parachute-guided delivery system. We combined 10 separate procedures into a single document and structured the electronic files so that graphics files were dynamically linked to the main document.

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Transport Canada, Civil Aviation

Criteria for Development of Instrument Procedures

NIVA reconstructed the digital version of the Criteria for the Development of Instrument Procedures from a hardcopy version of the document. We developed a template and applied it to the document in both English and French. NIVA was also responsible for editing and for incorporating updates.

The NIVA team demonstrated a remarkable ability to quickly comprehend a large amount of complex scientific and legal information, and rewrite it to make it interesting and understandable to two very different audiences.
           —Health Canada

Health Canada

Federal Nuclear Emergency Plan

NIVA was contracted to update an emergency procedures manual for those who play a response role in the plan. We conducted an assessment that generated recommendations on how to improve the manual’s organization, its relationship to other strategic and tactical documents, and its overall quality as an instructional reference tool.