Science Reports, Strategies and Positions

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NIVA’s project managers and writers have repeatedly demonstrated their ability to develop easy-to-read, accurate, science-focused communications products aimed at a range of audiences.
           —DRDC Centre for Security Science

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Biofuels and Opportunities Division

Rationale for Commercialization of Agri-Based Innovation Support

The Division contracted NIVA to write a Review of the Rationale for Commercialization of Agri-Based Innovation Support. The report, which describes the current state of commercialization activities with a focus on the agriculture and agri-food sector in Canada and abroad, informs decision making on future directions for agri-based commercialization support.

National Research Council

Strategic Positioning Initiative

NIVA was retained to assist in developing the National Research Council Canada’s new S&T positioning, based on "solving tomorrow’s problems today." The project links the impacts of NRC’s S&T activities to issues that matter most to Canadians (safe drinking water, air pollution, fast food, genetically modified food, climate change, etc.) by working closely with NRC senior managers to identify and develop a focused set of 30 project success stories that will form the basis for a variety of future communication vehicles including new and traditional media, web site, and other outreach products.

Federal S&T Community Secretariat

Map of Outcomes and Activities

Map of Outcomes and ActivitiesThe Secretariat requested NIVA's assistance to develop a plain-language version of the Federal S&T Map of Outcomes and Activities, which outlines how Canada's federal S&T departments and agencies are working together to develop solutions to national challenges. NIVA also developed the Oceans Science Case Study, a comprehensive report of Canada's federal ocean science activities across the environment, energy, health, economy, security, and defence domains.


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Genome Canada

Position Papers and Success Stories

NIVA developed position papers for two Genome Canada research themes—Genetic Predisposition to Diseases and Integrated Cardiometabolics—and substantively edited Molecular Diagnostics for Canadians. We also developed a series of success stories aimed at presenting the benefits and value of the complex research supported by Genome Canada to the general public and Members of Parliament.

Industry Canada, Life Sciences Branch

Final Report of Genomics in Canada Review

Final Report of Genomics in Canada ReviewTo develop an integrated final report, NIVA synthesized the results and conclusions of a review on genomics research in Canada. Intended for use by the Minister of Industry and other key decision makers, the review examined whether the structure for supporting genomics research in the federal government is the most appropriate for the long term.




Natural Resources Canada, Technology and Innovation R&D Initiative

Summary Report

Summary Report To highlight the contributions of climate change researchers in helping Canada demonstrate the impact of S&T investment to Canadians, NIVA developed a summary report. This initiative included nine funding programs and targeted five technology areas: cleaner fossil fuels; advanced end-use efficiency; decentralized energy production; biotechnology; and the hydrogen economy.




Genome Prairie

Strategy for Genomics in Manitoba

NIVA was engaged by Genome Prairie to identify areas of strength and priority for the Manitoba genomics research community. The community includes stakeholders such as Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives; Science, Technology, Energy, and Mines; the University of Manitoba; Manitoba Health Research Council; Institute of Cell Biology; Agri-Food and Rural Development; Manitoba Agri-Health Research Network; and Genome Prairie. NIVA conducted research through the review of resource documents, stakeholder interviews, and analyzed resulting information. Based on this research, NIVA synthesized a strategy document and developed overviews of three focus areas to supplement the strategy.

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Health Canada, Office of Science and Risk Management

Strategic Science Plan

The Office of Science and Risk Management required assistance from NIVA in developing the Health Products and Food Branch Strategic Science Plan. The plan complements the Branch’s overall strategic plan by providing greater clarity, depth, and precision with respect to science as both the key enabler for many of the Branch’s activities and for many of its domestic and international partnerships.

Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council

International Advisory Committee Materials

The International Advisory Committee carried out a high-level review of the Networks of Centres of Excellence program to ensure relevance and effectiveness in linking science and technology research with wealth creation. NIVA acted as the Committee’s secretariat, recording minutes of meetings, developing key documents for the meetings, and producing the Committee’s final report and recommendations.

Prime Minister’s Advisory Council on Science and Technology

Overview of Nanotechnology in Canada

Synthesizing information provided by the Council and an international review of nanotechnology, NIVA produced a report that describes how nanotechnology research is conducted; the potential for commercialization; ethical, environmental, and social issues related to nanotechnology; and the need for a national strategy.

Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Science Branch

Research Highlights

Research HighlightsTo effectively communicate the role of science in the Agency’s work to a wide audience, NIVA assisted the Science Branch in developing a document highlighting research activities. Written and designed by NIVA, the report highlights specific research projects in food safety, animal health, and plant protection, and relates them to the Agency’s business lines and corporate goals.