Human Resources

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HR and You has become a model for similar sites across the federal government.
           — Department of Justice

Public Prosecution Service of Canada

HR Intranet and Internet Sites

Public Prosecution Service of CanadaNIVA developed the PPSC’s HR Intranet. Our work involved research, consultation, and review of new and revised content, and the facilitation of meetings to develop new procedures pertinent to the Service. We also developed the recruitment page for the PPSC Internet, ensuring that the unique aspects of working for the Service were effectively conveyed.

NIVA designed and implemented a nation-wide recruitment campaign—Expand Your Horizons in The Land of The Midnight Sun. The series of advertisements were published in major newspapers and legal journals across Canada and were targeted toward attracting lawyers to work in the north.

Health Canada

PE Generics Communication Strategies and Materials

The PE Generics Project was designed to develop generic work descriptions and competency profiles for the federal PE community, the principal classification in human resources. It was headed by a steering committee and involved consultation with a senior management advisory panel representing many departments. NIVA was retained to develop a communications strategy, fact sheets, website content, questions and answers, and various presentation decks for audiences ranging from HR practitioners to central agency executives.

Health Canada

HPFB HR Services Pilot Project

NIVA managed a pilot project to test a series of our recommendations to improve staff retention levels and improve client service to managers in the Department’s largest branch, the Health Products and Food Branch. To ensure commitment to the new organization and service delivery model, NIVA used a three-phased approach: lay the groundwork for re-organization of the Unit; develop and implement a change management strategy; and develop skills and a client-service mindset among staff. The result was less time spent on staffing transactions, lower staff turnover, and greater client satisfaction. Inspired by the pilot’s success, best practices were migrated to all HR units in Health Canada.

Department of Justice Canada

HR and You

Department of Justice CanadaNIVA originally developed HR and You in 2000. It was the first HR site in the federal government with separate portals for managers, employees, and HR professionals, and became the Treasury Board model for federal government HR sites. Years later, NIVA made recommendations to enhance the site and meet CLF 2.0 requirements.




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Canadian Food Inspection Agency

HR Site

NIVA conducted extensive consultation and developed a strategy aimed at improving the Agency’s HR intranet site. NIVA wrote the content to respond to the needs of three target audiences: employees, managers, and HR professionals.

Organizational Readiness Office (PWGSC)

CS Generics Implementation

Organizational Readiness Office (PWGSC)The Organizational Readiness Office required NIVA’s assistance in developing a long-term strategy to distribute generic HR tools and documentation as part of its IT Community HR Framework. NIVA designed and wrote a variety of communication vehicles, including fact sheets, questions and answers, and a generic presentation deck. We also developed the design, structure, and content for the intranet site.



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Courts Administration Service

PSMA HR Initiatives

NIVA managed the submission for, and implementation of, this project under a PSMA-funded initiative that involved five related HR initiatives: planning, staffing monitoring/reporting, communication, policies/procedures development, and learning. We managed the project, consulted with stakeholders and target audiences; facilitated information gathering sessions; re-engineered business processes, and coordinated training. We also provided the business case and plan to develop HR Online, a tool to allow sub-delegated managers to carry out various HR functions more efficiently.

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Manager’s Staffing Portal

NIVA revised and updated staffing models, policies, and tools to enable employees, managers, and HR professionals to understand the new Public Service Employment Act. Given the requirement to publish useful information quickly, NIVA proposed a portal approach that focused on the needs of managers. We facilitated development of procedures for various staffing actions, and edited 10 appointment-related policies on topics such as area of selection, employment equity, informal discussion, notification, and assessment.

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Executive Gateway

Based on the success of the Managers’ Staffing Portal developed by our firm, NIVA was asked to develop a web portal that would provide HR information targeted to executives. The project helped to address the Public Service renewal objective of managing and developing talent at the executive level.

Health Canada

Client Service Workshops

Client Service WorkshopsAs part of a pilot project to improve HR client service to managers in Health Canada’s largest branch, NIVA conducted a survey to establish the level of client satisfaction among sub-delegated managers and their administrative support staff. Concurrent with this survey, we assessed the culture, capacity and capabilities of the HR Services Unit responsible for this branch. We then conducted a series of client service workshops to share best practices with HR Services Unit staff, exchange ideas, and carry out scenarios typical to the day-to-day operation of the Unit. Workshops were held monthly for a six-month period, and were supported by the development of service standards and management briefings on how to expedite transactions and manage expectations more effectively.