Canadian Air Transport Security Authority

Communications Plan for Pandemic Influenza

The Authority needed to organize communications activities for its pandemic influenza plan. The communications plan focused on preparing staff and external stakeholders for an influenza pandemic. NIVA was retained to develop a communications plan that would identify goals, key messages, target audiences, and implementation tactics. The plan identified which communication vehicles were appropriate for each audience, and included face-to-face training opportunities for screening staff, lunch-and-learns for staff, and use of existing websites and newsletters to reach internal and external stakeholders.

Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Science Branch

Research Highlights

Research HighlightsTo effectively communicate the role of science in the Agency’s work to a wide audience, NIVA assisted the Science Branch in developing a document highlighting research activities. Written and designed by NIVA, the report highlights specific research projects in food safety, animal health, and plant protection, and relates them to the Agency’s business lines and corporate goals.


Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Science Branch

Strategic Communications Plan

The Agency’s Science Branch was created in May 2003 as the focal point for scientific leadership. However, five years later, the science capacity of the Branch and its function as the foundation for program design and regulatory decision-making was still unrecognized. NIVA was contracted to develop a communications strategy that would contribute to understanding and support among the Branch’s stakeholders and collaborators. After a review of documentation and extensive interviews with Agency staff, we developed a two-year communications plan that included 54 timed activities, recommended resource allocations, and performance measurement criteria.

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Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging Communications Strategy

The Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging is a national long-term study that follows approximately 50,000 Canadian men and women between the ages of 45 and 85. It collects information on the changing biological, medical, psychological, social, and economic aspects of people's lives. It is one of the most comprehensive studies of its kind ever undertaken. NIVA developed a five-year communications strategy for the Study, and coordinated the efforts of other consultants to develop public relations, media, and knowledge management plans.

Federal S&T Community Secretariat

Map of Outcomes and Activities

The Secretariat requested NIVA's assistance to develop a plain-language version of the Federal S&T Map of Outcomes and Activities, which outlines how Canada's federal S&T departments and agencies are working together to develop solutions to national challenges. NIVA also developed the Oceans Science Case Study, a comprehensive report of Canada's federal ocean science activities across the environment, energy, health, economy, security, and defence domains.

Genome Canada

Position Papers and Success Stories

NIVA developed position papers for two Genome Canada research themes—Genetic Predisposition to Diseases and Integrated Cardiometabolics—and substantively edited Molecular Diagnostics for Canadians. We also developed a series of success stories aimed at presenting the benefits and value of the complex research supported by Genome Canada to the general public and Members of Parliament.

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Genome Prairie

Strategy for Genomics in Manitoba

NIVA was engaged by Genome Prairie to identify areas of strength and priority for the Manitoba genomics research community. The community includes stakeholders such as Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives; Science, Technology, Energy, and Mines; the University of Manitoba; Manitoba Health Research Council; Institute of Cell Biology; Agri-Food and Rural Development; Manitoba Agri-Health Research Network; and Genome Prairie. NIVA conducted research through the review of resource documents, stakeholder interviews, and analyzed resulting information. Based on this research, NIVA synthesized a strategy document and developed overviews of three focus areas to supplement the strategy.

Health Canada

Canada’s Access to Medicines Regime Website

The Access to Medicines Regime was introduced to facilitate timely access to less expensive versions of patented pharmaceutical products that are urgently needed to fight diseases such as AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis in developing countries. Through research, consultation, web design, and content organization, NIVA developed an online information package targeted to eligible importing countries and pharmaceutical companies.

Health Canada and the Public Health Agency of Canada

Health Portfolio Emergency Response Plan

Research HighlightsNIVA developed the comprehensive Health Portfolio Emergency Response Plan, which describes the steps required for the Health Portfolio to respond to national public health emergencies and aligns with the federal approach to emergency management. NIVA interviewed regional and federal government representatives to establish consensus on response procedures from notification to after action review and recovery.

Health Canada, Centre for Emergency Preparedness and Response

National Smallpox Contingency Plan

NIVA converted Health Canada’s National Smallpox Contingency Plan to online format, providing first responders with immediate access to critical information to respond to a potential outbreak of smallpox. The resulting website was Health Canada’s first online emergency response plan.

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Health Canada, Communicable Disease Control Division

Communications Strategy

The Division is primarily concerned with issues surrounding tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, and vaccine-preventable diseases in First Nations and Inuit communities. NIVA was tasked with developing a communications strategy to establish a comprehensive and coherent approach to exchanging information about communicable diseases in these communities. We consulted with departmental representatives to gain a clear understanding of target audiences and opportunities for increasing awareness. The resulting strategy proposed an integrated set of vehicles and included a short-term implementation plan.

Health Canada, Marketed Health Products Directorate

Information Repository for Selective COX-2 Inhibitor Drugs

The COX-2 family of drugs, used to treat arthritis, was withdrawn because of side effects. To enable Health Canada to provide public access to information about this issue, NIVA developed a bilingual website with an information architecture that enabled self-guided access to the data.

Health Canada, Office of Information Management Technology

Training Guide and Quick Reference Guide

NIVA wrote user documentation for a viewing tool designed to display drug applications in extensible markup language (XML) according to the electronic common technical document (eCTD) standard developed by an international harmonization committee. We explored the tool’s functionality in order to prepare documentation intended for training and reference.

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Health Canada, Office of Science and Risk Management

Strategic Science Plan

The Office of Science and Risk Management required assistance from NIVA in developing the Health Products and Food Branch Strategic Science Plan. The plan complements the Branch’s overall strategic plan by providing greater clarity, depth, and precision with respect to science as both the key enabler for many of the Branch’s activities and for many of its domestic and international partnerships.

Health Canada, Therapeutic Products Directorate

Progressive Licensing Project Website

The Directorate embarked on a major initiative to develop a drug regulatory system for the future. NIVA was contracted to develop a website to communicate the initiative to industry and the public, and solicit feedback from site visitors. We worked with Health Canada staff to edit and shape a large volume of text, produce flowcharts and a description of the process, and develop interactive questionnaires to gather feedback. The material was also used for training purposes.

Industry Canada, Life Sciences Branch

Final Report of Genomics in Canada Review

To develop an integrated final report, NIVA synthesized the results and conclusions of a review on genomics research in Canada. Intended for use by the Minister of Industry and other key decision makers, the review examined whether the structure for supporting genomics research in the federal government is the most appropriate for the long term.

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Natural Resources Canada

GeoConnections Annual Report

NIVA produced the GeoConnections annual report for two successive years, highlighting activities and impacts for 2008-09 and 2009-10. The report includes summaries of activities in four program areas, and the results from a user survey that we implemented and analyzed. We also developed a series of success stories for the reports, describing global information systems applications in the areas of public safety and security, public health, environmental and sustainable development, and matters of importance to Aboriginal people.

Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care

Pandemic Influenza Fact Sheets

NIVA researched and wrote a series of 25 fact sheets on pandemic influenza. These fact sheets were written to prepare health care providers, families, schools, businesses, First Nations communities, and the general public for a potential influenza outbreak.

Privy Council Office

Smart Regulation Communications Support

NIVA provided communications planning and writing and editing services in support of the federal Smart Regulation initiative to renew Canada's regulatory system. We developed a communications strategy, tactical communications plan, and various vehicles, including a Report on Actions and Plans, a press release, speech modules, and a Q&A document.